does everything have a taste

I think everything has a taste even if it doesn’t taste similar to anything else , because even air taste like something .

I asked my dad here is what he had to say
Yes because licking or tasting anything gives a flavour.

Then i asked my brother ,here is what he said
i don’t think solid things have a taste until you put liquid on them.

Ahhh i am really confused.
Do you think everything has a taste ?


Once there was a beautiful happy girl named Ella who lived with her mother, father and the animals that lived around her.

Over time her mother got sick.


When her mother was about to die she told Ella to remember to have courage and to be kind.


One day Ella’s dad told her that he had met a woman on one of his business trips


and she was going to move in with them


with her two daughters.


Ella was happy for her father when she found out.


But when she met them not so much.


They hadn’t been living with them for very long and her father already had to go on a business trip for a couple of months.


Ella was so sad.


When her father left, her step mother and step sisters began getting meaner and meaner and every day treating her more and more like a servant. Once when she was cleaning the fire place she got cinders on her face and from then on they called her Cinderella.


One time they went into the village to get some food and an announcement was made there was going to be a ball held and the prince would choose a wife.


The step mother was so happy and hoped she could get her ugly daughters a husband.

A couple of weeks later there was news that her father had died. Her step mother didn’t seem to care and her only friends were the animals she lived with.


That day Ella felt like leaving so she hopped on her horse and rode away.


While she was riding her horse she bumped into a man riding his horse, they talked a bit and he said she should come to the ball, then she rode off.

A week later it was the night of ball and Cinderella had to help the step sisters get ready. Once they were ready Cinderella rushed up stairs to get dressed into her outfit.


But when she came down from her room her step mother laughed and said you’re not going to the ball you need to clean the house.


Then the step mother and step sisters left to go to the ball.


Cinderella ran into the garden crying until she saw a sparkle.


It was her fairy god mother.


She gave Cinderella a carriage, glass slippers and a magnificent ball gown. “But you must be back by midnight” said the fairy god mother.Then Cinderella went to the ball.


When Cinderella entered the ball everyone was staring at her, then the prince asked to dance with her and they danced all night.


The step sisters were mad that they didn’t get to dance with the prince.


When the clock hit 12, Cinderella ran for her carriage and her shoe fell off but she kept running.


The next day the prince was doing a search round all the houses in the area to find the girl who owned the shoe.


The prince was at the final house, it was Cinderella’s house. The first step sister tried on the shoe and it didn’t fit. Then the next sister tried it on and it fit and she managed to squeeze her foot into the shoe.


The prince promised to all the people that he would marry the girl who this shoe fit so the step sister and the prince got married and lived not so happily ever after. The end.

my meal 

On Monday I cooked a three course meal for my family .

For the entree I made smoked salmon blinis .



And for the main I cooked Thai satay chicken kebabs ,with rice and beans.




For dessert i made ice cream sundaes and jelly


no recipe….

ingredients vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, chocolate hail, chocolate, jelly, marshmallows, wafers and cherries


All of my cooking went to plan (with my mums help).

The reason why I chose these meals is because they are meals i enjoy eating them 🙂 ,and I

didn’t think they would be to hard to make .

I wouldn’t change the recipes because I think are good the way they are .

My favourite meal was dessert but who’s wouldn’t be  😉 .


Here is a short review by my Dad , Brendan who ate the dinner :

A delicious meal which I really enjoyed. The Salmon Blini entree was full of flavour and I particularly enjoyed the infusion of lemon zest. The Satay Chicken Kebab main was highlighted by a tasty satay sauce and was plated up expertly. The Ice Cream Sundae and Jelly dessert was accompanied by chocolates, cherries and marshmallows – turning a pretty basic dessert into a superb final course.

I was very impressed with all three courses and am looking forward to Sian’s next efforts in the kitchen.


my favourite games

some of my favourite games are…..

  • NETBALL!!!!! i really like netball because its sporty competitive and just fun
  • tag , i like this game because its simple and sporty
  • black panther , i know this is pretty much the same as tag but i like games like this soooo…. yea .

these are some of my favourite games

bye 😉

Capital E review 

Today i am going to reviewing a Capital E performance that i saw 2 weeks ago , the performance that i’m reviewing is called an awfully big adventure .


image found here

Strange hats , fake guns, and lots of light bulbs what is this about i thought ? Then some people came on to the stage and started talking to each other, i didn’t know if the show had started but after about 5 minuets I realised it had :). The show was great it had ,funny accents , serious moments and great costumes. I especially like how the show was about something meaningful like world war one . At the end i wanted to stay and watch it again . If i had to rate this show out of ten i would rate it 9/10 .






New X factor NZ judges


image found here

Recentley the new X Factor NZ judges have been announced after will moon and Natalia Kills got fired for bullying a contestant live on air .

the judges to take there place on X Factor NZ have been announced , Shelton Woolwright (drummer for i am giant )  and Australian singer Natalie Bassingthwaighte .

white hat (facts)

  • Natalia Kills and willy moon got fired
  • Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Shelton Woolwright will take there place
  • Natalie Bassingthwaighte is from Australian and Shelton Woolright is from New Zealand

Yellow hat (positives)

Personally i think it is a good thing that natalia kills and willy moon got fired and hopefully Shelton Woolwright and Natalie Bassingthwaightes will make the show better .

Black hat (negatives)

I think getting new judges in the middle of a show is going to make some people stop watching the show and it could get less popular .

Red hat (feelings)

I am happy that Natalia kills and Willy moon got fired because you cant talk to people that way just because you are famous .Hopefully the new judges don’t treat people this way and make the show better

Green hat (creativity)

I think that people should keep watching the show and enjoy having new judges.

what are your thoughts on getting new judges?